Yoga not only improves temperament, but also makes your body full of curves.

In most people's eyes, yoga is a kind of self-cultivation exercise that does not have the effect of fitness shaping. After all, most of the fitness people are young people.

In fact, yoga can not only relax your body and mind, but also improve your temperament. Long-term exercise can make your body full of curves.

Introducing today is a Thai yoga beauty, height 170, weight 110. The sexy vest line has envied many people. She is 27 years old this year and has 7 years of fitness experience.

Because I like exercise very much, I basically have four hours a week to go to the gym to practice yoga. Unlike most fitness people, she pays more attention to the inner temperament.

Most fitness people go to the gym for a few purposes, slimming, losing weight, shaping. For whatever reason, it is best for you.

Yoga is a sport that can be done anytime and anywhere. By stretching the body, your body curves are perfected. The elegant movement of yoga is very suitable for female friends.

There are many small partners who have expressed their envy that she is such a body. In fact, she is not born with a body. Because she is very interested in fitness from an early age, she wants to change her body.

At the beginning, she was not practicing yoga directly. Like most people, he started from the usual training method. Because his body was very thin before, he thought that he could improve himself through fitness.

She said that it was very hard when she was exercising, because her body was very weak. When she was exercising regularly, she felt dizzy many times.

In the end, because the coach controls his own amount of exercise, his body is slowly getting healthy. Every fitness person is very difficult.

Accompanied by the coach, her weight has also increased by 10 pounds, making her weak body stronger, and a good coach has an important role in fitness.

The long-term fitness also gave her a new perspective on the pursuit of body. She is not pursuing the curvaceousness of her body, but prefers toughness.