Choosing a pair of yoga clothes is actually very simple.

Yoga clothing is the most important thing for the MM who practice yoga. It is not necessarily the Zen style dress of the robes. It is spirituality, and it is the comfort and sensibility of Zen.


1. Quantity: Yoga suits should generally be prepared for more than two sets, so that they can be replaced in time, especially in high-temperature yoga, sweating more, should be prepared for a wash.


2. Texture: It is mainly based on pure cotton or linen. Because cotton or linen fabric is very breathable and sweat-absorbing, it is very soft and will not make your body feel tense.

3. Style: simple, generous, and neat. Don't have too many accessories (especially metal), belts or knots on your clothes to prevent you from licking your body and causing unnecessary damage.

4. Style: If you want to highlight your personality, you can choose clothing with Indian national style, loose and natural, there is a kind of ethereal and free-spirited feeling after wearing; there is also a modern style fitness suit, tight, flexible, and put on You can get a better body in the village, which is more suitable for practicing high temperature yoga.