Victoria Smith is not a supermodel, yoga clothes are out of the street, and the abdominal muscles of

This Georgia Fowler from the New Zealand, Fowler, was the first time in 2016 to enter the stage of Wei Mi, but when she appeared on the scene, she was amazing, and this slap in the face, actually hit the French goddess Sophie Marceau. ! Georgia Dad is a golfer. She was born in 1992 and has long legs!

Recently, several sets of street styles in Georgia have made the foreign media stunning. I have to admire this figure and can wear the basic models so high and temperament~

The title of the sexy little wild cat is not white. Georgia has recently finished the yoga home on the way, the clothes have not had time to change, or the yoga clothes are out of the street, which leads to the foreign media crazy, this iron-clad abdominal muscles~

Healthy wheat skin, perfect body proportion, the key is this perfect vest line!


It is not healthy to pursue too thin. The figure like Georgia is the perfect and healthy textbook figure!


Therefore, MM can not deliberately be thin and thin, in fact, the proportion of the body is very important, through matching skills, can improve the proportion of the body to a certain extent!