Yoga shaping for you, being a intellectual and sexy goddess

Fashion is a special symbol of the city and a beautiful lifestyle that everyone is pursuing. Everyone pursues different styles of fashion, but today's fashion style, square collar slings bring you different sexy features.

Fake two-piece vest slim sling, fake two-piece vest sling has a simple fashion style, casual sexy features, let you unconstrained, free to express your own sexy.

The small, fresh camisole with jeans shows a thick, cute and playful feel, and the sling adds a touch of sensuality to the mix without losing too much exaggeration.

Button slings with white slacks, a touch of sexy features, and a sexy neckline design, slightly scented shoulders, let you play fashion and sexy, and the support of the small waist to exude glamorous charm anytime, anywhere.

European and American sexy fan, demanding not only the sexy clothes, but also the body assists. The following styles will help you cultivate your body.

Look1: Yoga helps you practice slim arms.

The beauty of clothes is important, but the beauty of the body is also indispensable.

Bird King's simple derivative exercise, the feet are separated by two shoulder widths, squatting, making their two legs parallel to the ground, and then changing their toes to support the ground, the two arms naturally hang down on both knees, hands thumb Keep up with the index finger and separate the other three fingers.

The derivation of the eight-body cast, the legs stand on the mat at right angles, the knees of the legs are separated like a shoulder width, the arms extend upwards above the head, the arms are straightened, and the fingers are separated by five fingers, and the upper body is lowered from the knees. Press to stop when both hands are attached to the ground. The summer babes are formed, and the slings are assisted by the gods, highlighting the different sexy features.

The basic practice of wheeled variant one, the body is lying on the mat, the hands are on the shoulders, the legs are bent and the heels are attached to the buttocks, and the body is lifted with the strength of the waist and abdomen. To make the body look like a crescent moon, lift your left leg and lift your right leg to keep it straight.

Look2: Yoga helps you shape your waist.

The wearing of the square collar sling must first have a small waist, after all, it is bare outside.

Wheeled complex derivation, legs bent back on a small table sitting on the mat, the waist bent backwards, will put the shoulder on the small table, the head down, the legs lifted the waist hard, hands with arms to the chest The front is ten.

The legs stand at right angles on the mat, the distance between the knees is like the shoulder width, the upper body is pressed down until the ground is parallel, and the arm is stretched to the front of the head and placed on the table.

Look3: Yoga helps you practice long legs.

In addition to the quality of the body, it is time to look at your legs, legs are slender, no matter what skirt you look good.

Derived from the hero, lying on the yoga mat, with the shoulders and hips as the point of force to bend the waist up, the arms stretched below the hips, the two hands placed under the hips, the legs bent, the two knees slightly open, The right lower leg is placed under the left calf, and the two toes are pointed.

The boat-style variant, lying on the yoga mat, lying on the buttocks, lifting the upper body and the legs, the body forms a V-shape, the arms are bent to the chest, and the hands are folded.

The derivative exercise of the side angle extension is based on the left lunge step, the waist is slightly tilted to the right, and the left arm is lifted up to the top of the head and slightly curved backwards, behind the right arm.

As long as you learn yoga, keep practicing and keep it, your body will not be out of shape, you can control any versatile square sling, and be a free and unconstrained self.